Woodland business Park, Upper Hill Nairobi, P.O Box 2302, 00100. Nairobi

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Clinica limited is a leading importer and distributor of pharmaceutical products in Kenya and neighboring countries. We are headquartered at Woodland Business Park, Nairobi. The company was established in 2019 but it has grown to bear eputable company in the region. We have managed to establish a defined distribution & supply network, proper warehouse, a top notch team and complied with set regulatory laws in Kenya. Our success and tremendous growth has been fuelled by core values of integrity, quality and reliance on teamwork. In our 3 years, we have pioneered and shaped different aspects in the market such reducing average lead times by 40%,offering better credit terms and tailored supplies for our clients. We are constantly looking at innovative ways to ensure both quality and affordability are accorded to the patients. With a projected annual revenue of over one million USD, increasing customer base and expanding collaborations with our partners, Clinica Limited is on a trajectory. Be part of us!​

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We are committed to delivering value for all our stakeholders through trust and sustainable business practices.


Woodland Business Park, Upper Hill,
P.O Box 2302-00100



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